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Dove' s Blood: Book of Names Part 2

Time for research...


(Describe walking up Ben Franklin Bad. The fountain. Its significance. Crossing over to the street the library sits. Walking up the stairs. And into the building. )
(note need a travel scene - push plot more - have her talk to an important secondary character)

Mariska briskly walked through Center City scowling with frustration. Today just didn't want to work in her favor at all. Out of the five main modes of public transportation, she wasn't sure which she hated more - the bus, rail line, high-speed line, taxis, or the subway. The rail line was normally ok, but occasionally wackos found their way onto the train. Thankfully they left her alone, even if they made trouble for the other passengers. Ever since she Bonded, the wolf was near enough to the surface that most of those not (of the people) stayed away from her. Sheep feared predators, and most people in the city were sheep or sheep in wolf's clothing.

She reached Logan Square, where in the center stood the Swan Memorial fountain. It was gorgeous. The circular fountain took up most of the "square" that sat at the about the middle of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. It was more of a traffic circle with a massive fountain in the center of it. The statues inside the fountain were green from the water and weather. Just inside the outer rim, sitting within the fountain's main pool, were smaller, large-dog-sized sculptures of alternating frogs and turtles. They faced the middle of the fountain and spewed long arcs of water from their mouths. Three Native American figures, a man, woman, and girl, faced outward as they lounged up the center "steps" within the fountain's center. The woman and girl each held onto a swan that spewed water from their mouths, outward and into the fountain's main pool. The man held a fish, Mariska always imagined it was a trout, that also spewed water from it's mouth. At the center a huge plume of water geysered straight up about 2 or three stories, when compared to the buildings nearby.

Seeing it lifted her mood a little bit and a smile graced her features. She paused for a moment and admired it. Children, teens and adults were playing in it as they always did in the Summer. The trees swayed in the light breeze. The flowers bloomed in the beds around the outer circle that separated the sidewalk from the square's main area. She spotted a bum under a bush and snorted in disgust. Her reverie shattered, she continued to the library on Vine Street with a quick step.

The library was just as impressive but imposing. It's age and style of architecture gave it a lofty and noble air as if it looked down upon all who approached it. The sign outside said it was designed in the "Beaux-Arts style", but as Mariska looked she couldn't tell the style apart from images of old Roman buildings. She wasn't here for the looks. She shrugged her messenger bag higher up on her shoulder and entered the building. Her footsteps echoed in the main entrance as she walked through the gated doors. A guard at the entrance greeted her. (Need more research on this - I can't remember.)

(Need to know the rules about the old books and such).
(She gets a clue as to where the book is.... in Transylvania... or was)
(She runs into one of her Clan Elders who doesn't normally care about books in general.)
(He ends up helping her retrieve the book later on.)

Mariska clutched her notes to herself in a death grip. The skin on her knuckles paled with the strength of her grip. She raised her left eyebrow as she listened to his words. Something about them was off. The fact he was in here in the first place, let alone in the rare books department, deepened her suspicions. Was he one of the spies or was this just coincidence?

"I need to go, I have more research to do for a haunting near South Street." It wasn't a lie. Well, it wasn't exactly the truth either. She wasn't here for a haunting, but she didn't say that specifically either. Plausible deniability at its finest. He frowned.

(+ 605)
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